The Artistic World of Saga Björling

Singer. Multi-instrumentalist. Composer. Artist. Choir leader. Storyteller. 

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I grew up in the Baltic sea, on the island of Gotland. At the age of seven I started singing, and music has always been a natural path to take. In 2012 I started playing with the German Medieval band Poeta Magica. Together we released the "Saga" album. It was the start of my path as a professional singer and musician. We travelled through Europe, and I let my voice and hunger for expression guide me.

I met many amazing musicians both in Sweden; my homeland, and beyond.To me it was a gift to start creating music in the folkloric genre. To learn from the friends I made music with. The harmonies of the past started flowing in my veins, and it still helps me understand the world around us. I have since then released an album with Rotation, and three EP:s with the band Jordbrand. 

Starur is the artist name and alter ego where I let out all shades of my own creativity. It was born in 2021, and gives me direction. I create music and live shows of different kinds. In my music you can find touches of folk, americana, rock, indie, synthpop and much more. The music is connected not by genre only, but in the source where it comes from.

During 2023, I released one song every month of the year. I called it "The Wheel Project". The songs turned into an album which will be released as an LP in spring 2024.

I hope to play the music live as much as possible in the year and life to come.  

Photography by Tindra Englund.


- An unexpected snow when you believe that spring has come. The word itself is from the old Gotlandian language. It is said there, that there will be seven starur before winter has truly passed. 

On Stage


Stay Till The Morning

A solo session, just a voice and a guitar. Spring 2023. 


Starur & the Collective. Winter 2023. 

I Will Always Love You

Recorded at Lada1888 on Öland, the late summer of 2023.

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As a live-act, I offer different constellations and possibilities.  With the network of musicians I have gotten to know around the world, a gig is always unique. We play the Starur material, but in different ways.  The live experience is what is most important to me and the people I create with.  What would you like?


- Starur alone or with 1-2 musicians.

A mix between folk and other genres. It can be violins and clarinets dancing with guitars, synthesizers, celtic harp and vocal harmonies. 

Photography by Tindra Englund.


- Starur and 2 musicians

An acoustic and playful mix between scandinavian folk and americana. Guitars, slides and contrabass. 

Photography by Luna Keller at Tiveden Americana Festival 


- Starur & 5-7 musicians 

The full experience. A powerful mix between folkloric melodies, synthesizers and a rock band. 

Photography by Nanna Svensdottir at Borgholms Bio


- Starur alone or with 1-2 musicians

If you want to hear the songs and melodies of the past, this is the path for you. I play in different constellations, with instruments like bagpipes, harps, key fiddles, hurdy gurdy, medieval fiddle and more. For example together with Kristin "Fornfela" Svensson and Göran "Vevgoran" Hallmarken. 

Photography by Johan Lundberg

Of course, if you wish for something in particular, feel free to ask. 


Three more shades of what I do and offer. 


The Womens Choir 

Together with Lisa Johansson, I created Hysteria, The Womens Choir. We try to release the female voice in a safe space lifted by sisterhood. Singing songs from different folkloric traditions are combined with liberating dance and sharing our own stories. 

We are two choirs on Öland. We also offer retreats and workshops, and do not mind travelling to where you are. 


I offer workshops where we focus on harmonies and folk singing. Or maybe we just find our voices and play with them. When someone says "I cannot sing", that always means something more. A voice does not have to be beautiful, to be valuable. 

I adjust the level of difficulty so that it fits the group. It is thereby suitable both for experienced singers, and the ones who have just started their journey. 


Do you want me in your band for a concert/tour or a recording? I can offer vocals and arrangements, celtic harp, acoustic guitar, accordion and different kinds of percussion. I can record myself from my home studio.

Get in touch and we can talk about if we are a good match. 


You are welcome to make contact regarding bookings, collabs and questions that arise. 



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